Intel: Humanizing Computing

Client: Intel
Agency: Razorfish
Project success: Raised the relevance of processors to computer users
Personal contributions: Concepting, content strategy, style guides, scriptwriting, found star writers, scriptwriting, created system to market partner  1000s of partner PCs in personally relevant ways. Authored several strategy documents and created faceted classification system for support site. Creative direction for Intel Developer’s conference proposal.

Making processors feel personally relevant is the heart of Intel’s challenge. In order to reach the range of people afraid of computing and intimidated by tech sites like CNET, Intel wanted a site that offered simple, understandable explanations of essential knowledge for purchasing and using computers. The site involved ongoing aggregation of both original and licensed stories, a video series, an interactive guide to the parts of a computer, a discussion board, and features such as a personality-driven holiday buying guide.

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