Firefox Ice Cream, Mobile Games, and Social Good

Client: Mozilla Firefox
Agency: The Barbarian Group
My Contribution: Creative Director
Art Direction: Henry Lai, Jessie Rauch

Project Successes:

  • A hands-on demonstration of Firefox’s power combined with its unique appeal as an open source effort.
  • A mobile game that added momentum and visual appeal to the spread of Firefox mobile
  • An ice cream sandwich truck that raised awareness of the Firefox Mobile launch in a tangible way that appealed to currently strong, and totally new demographics.

Mark up called on visitors to affirm their common ownership of the Web, while actively demonstrating the unique features of HTML5.

Firefox Markup

The Spark mobile game allowed players to spread the power of mobile browsing, vividly demonstrating the spread, while rewarding shares.

Firefox gone mobile was a way to generate excitement for the launch of Firefox mobile at South by Southwest, in a hands-on, tangible embodiment of brand values: small, free, and powerful. That translated in ice cream sandwiches, a choice that was so popular the event was recreated in LA, New York, the Bay Area, and London.

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